Our Vision

Preaching Christ and Growing in Christ

We aim to glorify God through:


Both corporate and day-by-day as individuals.


Preaching the Gospel every Sunday and on other occasions, and seeking to reach out into the neighborhood in a way that is scriptural, relevant and appealing.


Financially, prayerfully and with personnel; focusing our missionary interest and support on those people and locations we have close links with to ensure that there is regular contact and flow of information to stimulate prayer.


Seeking our mutual edification and the growth in fruitfulness and Christ-likeness of each member and seeking to help all to exercise the gifts which the Lord has given.

Loving One Another

Seeking to be a loving and united fellowship, and serving one another practically and in spiritual matters.

We aim to do all of these things by praying for God’s help, submitting to God’s Word, and seeking to serve God with all of our lives with the Holy Spirit’s empowering.

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